6 Reasons Ready-Mix Producers Should Partner with SmartRock® Plus

Smart Concrete
Smart Concrete

SmartRock® Plus is the new, branded, concrete mix solution designed to help concrete producers improve their bottom line. Ready mix companies are signing up for SmartRock® Plus and its unique real-time strength reporting to differentiate, decommoditize, delight customers, demonstrate technological strength, and deliver profits. How?

Safely Pour Concrete Under Any Weather Conditions

The leading concrete sensor for real-time temperature and strength monitoring


Differentiation is critical not only to a company’s quarterly success, but also to its long term survival. Marketers know, it is difficult to differentiate based on being cheap, customer oriented, or quality driven — any company can do this. However, by playing to hard trends in the market, executives can find unique raw materials and services that help them stand out.

Following the hard trend of mobile technology sharing, SmartRock® Plus is both, a patented technology that can be incorporated into the concrete, and a unique service to help the contractor. Such a powerful combination of product and service makes it a strong differentiator.


Companies operating in commodity markets work on thin margins and uncertain market share. By showing differentiation, sales managers can increase average selling price. Offering the unique technology in SmartRock® Plus is a tool to help companies decommoditize and defend their margins.

Delight Customers

Delighted customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers a key to maintaining market share in a competitive market. By offering a unique service like SmartRock® Plus, that contractors value, they will not only be delighted customers, but they’ll have a hard time buying from a competitor that offers just regular concrete.

Demonstrate Technological Strength

Contractors are rapidly demanding more and more technology from their suppliers. The SmartRock® Plus system is fast and easy to connect into existing business practices, so the startup process takes days rather than weeks or months.

In the ready mix industry, there is no faster, easier way to demonstrate a producers technological strength than by harnessing the computing power that’s already in the contractor’s pocket. The customizable SmartRock® Plus app can be a frequent reminder of the technology a ready mix supplier offers to support its customers.

Deliver Profits

Differentiating, decommoditizing, delighting customers, and demonstrating technological strength all improve a ready mix producer’s bottom line. But, the most successful companies in the concrete industry know that the big margins are in value-added mixes. By selling value-added SmartRock® Plus mixes to contractors doing time-critical work, producers can improve their profitability significantly over the industry averages.

This value to the contractor is most commonly seen when working on high-rise projects, post-tensioned concrete, fast track pavements, pavement repairs, and industrial projects. But, creative concrete producers are finding new ways to extract value and profit from the SmartRock® Plus solution.

Defensible Results: A Sixth Reason From Safran Law Offices

Ready Mix Producers don’t like to think about it, but from time to time, a job has questions. One of the most important tools in managing jobsite harmony is a thorough, measured history. The SmartRock® Plus system makes it easier than it has ever been to retrace the history of your product and its handling and placement when problems arise.

-Perry Safran, Safran Law Offices

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