4 Reasons Why Project Managers Value SmartRock™ Plus Concrete Sensors

SmartRock™ Plus is the next level in branded concrete mix design, helping ready-mix producers differentiate their company, and mixes, within the market. However, this service doesn’t just help producers, it also helps contractors and field personnel eliminate the need for break tests and save valuable time in their schedules by using pre-calibrated mixes.

When SmartRock™ Plus partners prepare a mix design, they pre-calibrate their mixes with SmartRock wireless sensors using cylinder break tests. Once this data has been collected, it is uploaded to the cloud interface and is then accessible to the contractor onsite via the mobile app. By purchasing SmartRock™ Plus from these ready-mix producers, contractors have the capacity to select suitable mixes designed for their specific project and timeline. This is especially useful when working on high-rise projects, post-tensioned concrete, fast-track pavement repairs, and industrial projects. Project managers also value SmartRock™ Plus for its ability to control onsite schedules, utilize labor efficiently, and save money.

Controlling Your Project Schedule

With the use of SmartRock™ Plus providers, project managers don’t have to worry about testing the strength of their in-situ concrete with cylinder break tests. Instead, since the mixes are already pre-calibrated and the SmartRock sensors are in place, they can access strength data via their mobile device. This means that third-party testing labs no longer have to be hired to collect specimens. This saves significant time and gives contractors more control of their schedules, allowing for more knowledge regarding when additional operations can be implemented, such as formwork removal.
Furthermore, ready-mix producers tag and install SmartRock sensors onsite themselves and set them up in the mobile app making it easy for team members to collect real-time data every 15 minutes. This means that temperature and strength data is always available to download and share via the Giatec 360 platform with engineers, architects, and QC inspectors. In this way, the introduction of SmartRock™ Plus testing technology within the construction industry has minimized the barriers to data collection and analysis.

The elimination of break tests also saves money. Having a technician onsite, as well as the added costs or transporting and breaking the cylinders, collecting and managing the data, as well as equipment and supplies to support the process can get very expensive very quickly.

Utilize Labor Efficiently

Given the shortage in skilled labor, making sure team members are using their time wisely onsite is essential. With field personnel no longer having to worry about the process of data collection, work can be done on alternative construction operations. Furthermore, since the SmartRock sensors provide temperature and strength data every 15 minutes, workers know the exact time in which concrete has reach 75% of its designed strength. This means that no time is wasted waiting for tests to confirm the in-situ concretes’ strength and workers can begin with formwork removal or post-tensioning operations.

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Save Money on Heating Costs

In cold temperatures, contractors must plan ahead to ensure that their in-situ concrete doesn’t freeze and is consistently gaining strength. This means that money must be spent on traditional methods of hear retention, such as heating blankets. However, with SmartRock™ Plus, contractors are consistently receiving data on their mobile devices with the exact temperature of the concrete in real-time. This helps workers control the temperature of their concrete and know more accurately when more heat needs to be added or taken away.

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Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Through SmartRock™ Plus, contractors know when the in-situ concrete is ready for the next step in the construction process, such as stripping formwork, pulling tendons, or opening a road to traffic. Having an extensive understanding regarding the strength development of your concrete, provided by the SmartRock mobile app, not only prevents potential accidents from occurring, but allows project managers to be confident in the quality of their concrete structure. Without proper quality control, you run the risk of overseeing potential problems which could require costly repairs and become safety hazards in the future. This includes cracking, delamination’s, and the impact of external temperature extremes. Reliability in the quality of your concrete structure could also reduce future claims. Therefore, with SmartRock™ Plus, contractors can finish their project schedules on time, or even early, and can be assured that their structure is sound.

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