3D Concrete Innovation Continuing

Researched at Berkeley University have outdone themselves again by creating the 9 foot concrete structure through 3D printing. The structure is the first of its kind to stand this tall and is another huge accomplishment in the innovating industry that is 3D printing. The creators of the architectural marvel have given it the name Bloom, in representation of the 3D printing industry and its rapid growth in society and the economy for years to come.

In order to create this infrastructural masterpiece, each brick was printed and all 840 of them are unique to the others. In addition, the bricks support a variegated pattern that allows light to pass through. The material used for the bricks is composed of an iron oxide-free Portland cement formulation developed by Ronald Real, the leader of the team on this project.

This project took a full year to complete and was designed to demonstrate the lack of barriers in this industry and influence further innovation. The structure will be disassembled and shipped to Thailand where it will be exhibited to the public. Months later,Bloom is scheduled to continue traveling around the world to show demonstrate the marvels of 3D printing.

To watch a video of how it was made, click here

At Giatec, we are proud to see such innovation in the concrete industry and hope it is cause for even further designs and advancements in this technology.

Source: CBS SF

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