SmartRock2 Newsletter – August 2017

Contractors Utilize New Concrete Sensor Technology to Improve Jobsite Efficiency

Fully-Embedded Sensor for Monitoring the Concrete Curing

Monitoring the early-age properties of concrete (such as temperature and strength) as it cures is critical in the optimization of various construction processes including formwork removal, post tensioning, heat curing, and opening roads to traffic. Construction project managers are always looking for solutions to improve the efficiency in these operations. SmartRock2 is a fully embedded concrete sensor that provides real-time information on concrete temperature and strength. This novel technology has already helped hundreds of projects move faster!

The SmartRock2™ enables contractors to gather and easily share concrete temperature and strength data in real-time. Its rugged and waterproof design features a battery life of up to four months and fully-embedded wireless technology. This eliminates the need for a physical connection, thus eliminating the possibility of reading errors due to crossed wires and physical damage due to impact.


Concrete Temperature Monitoring in Mass Concrete Elements

Mass concrete is categorized as any volume of concrete with dimensions large enough to require that measures be taken to cope with generation of heat hydration of the cement and attendant volume changes to minimize cracking. When it comes to large bodies of concrete, one of the most important characteristics is thermal behavior. Learn more about the challenges in monitoring and controlling the temperature in mass concrete here.

3 Easy Steps To Use SmartRock2 Sensors

Using SmartRock2 wireless temperature sensors is as easy as tagging the sensor, installing it on the rebar, pouring concrete, and obtaining the results on your mobile app!


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