Concrete Hub – August 2017

Can We Uberize the Construction Industry?

Giatec CEO, Aali Alizadeh, discusses why the construction industry needs to move on from traditional methods and adopt newer technologies, test methods, materials, and practices in order to save time and money. The problem lies in the time and effort needed to standardize new methods. It can take up to 10 years to adopt a new standard building code and engineers might have a hard time changing what they are used to doing.

Concrete can reduce air pollution

How Concrete Can Help Reduce Air Pollution

Although the concrete industry produces much of the air pollution in the world, there are ways in which the industry can make use of technological advancements to help reduce sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide levels in the air. From carbon neutral cement manufacturing plants to new techniques in concrete recycling, manufacturers and contractors are putting effort into reducing the cement industry’s carbon footprint.

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How Smart Technology Can Help You Get Around the Labour Shortage

How Smart Technology Can Help You Get Around the Labour Shortage

The construction industry has been facing a major labour shortage since the recession between 2007 and 2011. While the need for skilled construction workers keeps growing, the industry is unable to meet the demand and therefore contractors are forced to maximize efficiency in any way they can. Replacing traditional methods of doing certain tasks with smart technologies is one way to cut down on the time and effort needed on the job site.

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Concrete Sensors Eliminate Guesswork

Concrete Sensors Eliminate Guesswork

Canzac, a Christchurch-based manufacturer and supplier of concrete technologies has introduced SmartRock2 sensors which can be embedded in concrete to measure strength and humidity. Although concrete is used for anything from houses and warehouses, to treatment plants and bridges, and has been used for thousands of years, Canzac founder Lance Canute says it’s not always as easy to work with as you might expect.

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