ACI Fall 2012 Convention

Giatec Scientific Inc. will present its latest technologies for the non-destructive testing of concrete materials and structures in the upcoming ACI Fall 2012 convention to be held in Toronto, Canada, October 21 to 25. Please come visit us at booth #108.

The following presentations will be given by Giatec Scientific during this event:

Monday, October 22, 2:15pm, "Performance-based quality control of concrete" by Dr. Aali Alizadeh

Tuesday, October 23, 9:45am, "A novel technology for corrosion detection in reinforced concrete bridges" by Dr. Pouria Ghods

Giatec Scientific Inc.

Giatec Scientific Inc. is a knowledge-based company that provides advanced concrete testing solutions to the construction industry. Giatec's innovative tools are designed for various applications and can be utilized by concrete producers, consulting companies, and infrastructure owners and operators. Giatec also offers a wide range of specialized consulting services such as concrete mixture proportioning for specific applications, durability design of concrete materials, corrosion detection, and detailed condition assessment of concrete structures. The strength of Giatec lies in its experts who have a robust understanding of the industry and solve engineering problems using the most recent research and technological tools.

American Concrete Institute (ACI)

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) was founded in 1904 as a technical and educational society to improve the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of concrete structures. It is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting seminars, managing certification programs, and publishing technical documents. The purpose of ACI is "to provide a comradeship in finding the best ways to do concrete work of all kinds and in spreading that knowledge."

About Giatec Scientific Inc.

Ottawa-based company, Giatec Scientific Inc., is revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart concrete testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite.Learn more about Giatec Scientific Inc Mission and Core Values, or read more about Giatec Scientific's Line of Products.We are bringing long-overdue change to a conservative industry by addressing the current challenges in concrete testing, analysis, design, and production. Click the following links to learn more about Giatec Scientific's Management Team and Research and Development Team.