Electrical Resistivity of Concrete

Conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced cement-based composites

Production of expanded-clay aggregate for lightweight concrete from non-selfbloating clays

Electrochemical investigations of conductive coatings applied as anodes in cathodic protection of reinforced concrete

Influence of activated fly ash on corrosion-resistance and strength of concrete

Protection current distribution in reinforced concrete cathodic protection systems

Effectiveness of concrete inhibitors in retarding rebar corrosion

Corrosion rate evolution in concrete structures exposed to the atmosphere

Macrocell corrosion of steel in concrete – implications for corrosion monitoring

Corrosion behaviour of rebars in fly ash mortar exposed to carbon dioxide and chlorides

The application of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to determine the long-term effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors for steel in concrete

Use of EIS, ring-disk electrode, EQCM and Raman spectroscopy to study the film of oxides formed on iron in 1 M NaOH

The use of permanent corrosion monitoring in new and existing reinforced concrete structures