Seattle’s tallest hotel uses Smart Concrete™

The Eighth and Howell Convention Center is a mixed-use 45-story building in Seattle that is set to be the tallest hotel in the Pacific Northwest upon completion in 2018. The contractor has been using Smart Concrete™ offered locally by Giatec’s ready-mix producer partner, Stoneway, to improve the speed of the project.

Smart Concrete™ enables the contactor to obtain real-time information on concrete strength using this IoT-based technology. This information is required for opening formwork which is an important step in moving to the construction of the next floors in construction projects. This critical step is taken when the concrete strength meets a certain limit based on the design documents. Traditionally, field-cured concrete specimens are cast and tested by a compression machine to determine the in-place strength of concrete.

This process has inherent delays with financial implications for the contractors and construction companies. Smart Concrete™ leverages data communication through the cloud combined with smart sensor technology and mobile apps to offer a value-added solution by ready-mix producers to contractors who want to obtain real-time concrete strength and temperature information.

Photo credits:
1. LMN Architects
2. SounderBruce