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During our recruitment process, you will meet with a variety of team members so we can learn more about you, provide you more information about the open position, team structure and a good sense of who we are. 

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Phone Screen with Talent Acquisition Specialist to establish fit

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Interview with Hiring Manager(s) for a more role focused interview. Possibly 2 interviews depending on the role

Giatec Assessment IconShadow Day or an Assessment – depending on the requirements of the role

Giatec is committed to an equitable and transparent recruitment process.  All candidates in a specific recruiting process will follow the same method.

Our main goal is not just to find top-notch candidates, but also to find candidates that are a great fit with our company culture. We work hard to ensure it’s a great candidate experience for each person who applies. For these reasons, we have created a multi-staged recruitment process that allows us to make the best hiring decisions through a process of unconscious inclusion more than unconscious bias. 

Usually, we move fast in our recruitment process. The general timeframe is anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Our timeline may alter slightly depending on various factors, but we will always keep our communication channels open and ensure the candidate knows how long the process will take.

Our main rule: Be prepared!

Our interview process is how we get to know you and how you get to know us. We will look to learn about your knowledge and experience as well as what you like to do for fun! There are a few things you can do before your first interaction with us: 

  • Check out our website and learn more about Giatec – but you’re already here so that’s a great first step! 
  • Review the original Job Post and ensure you can tell us why you’re a great fit for both the role and Giatec. 
  • We use structured interview questions that are focused on past behaviors and situations. So, come prepared to show us what makes you, you!
  • If your interview is virtual, ensure beforehand that you have a strong connection and no connectivity issues. 
  • Relax and be confident in showing us the real you! Our interviews are very interactive and relaxed. We want to learn more about you, so don’t be scared to show us your best qualities and ask your questions too!

We only require that you submit your most up-to-date resume and answer the few application questions that may be asked with your submission. 

We respect our candidates’ privacy and will always obtain your permission first before contacting references.

We’re Looking Forward to Seeing Your Application

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